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Fruit Ninjette!

8 Jul

Adam and I play Fruit Ninja religiously. Before bed, waiting in lines, sitting on the… well… nevermind. We love it. So when we saw a video created by FinalCutKing that was featured on video game blogs, we had no option other than to team up with our favorite creatives (Zach and Paul) and make an epic response video. It was a quick and fun Wednesday evening shoot on a street corner that we stumbled upon in Kansas City. Adam and Zach directed/shot/edited, Paul helped us out with After Effects, and I starred in it and did the typography/graphics. Well done team!

Commercial and Logo Design: GLP Designs Inc.

4 Mar

Commercial for high-end, custom furniture company GLP Designs Inc. shot in their Los Angeles factory.

I also redesigned their logo and created a mockup to show its placement on their newly-launched website.


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