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Thank You card

30 Dec

A thank you card I made today. Recycled “brown paper bag” exterior with hand cut out lettering (a laser cutter would have been ideal) that reveals the neon interior.

Birth Announcements

1 Sep

Finally found the copy I kept for myself and photographed it! Double-sided card announcements I made for the birth of my nephew.

Indie Mixtape Project

16 Mar

I have been making indie mixtapes (or cds rather) for a looong time. [SIDE NOTE: I initially started this blog in ’08 to write about indie music]  Anyway, this year I decided to make a design project of the effort and “publish” monthly mixes that I send to my followers (a small group of friends and family). The recycled cardboard cases have a magnetic closure and the featured bands listed on the back. The sets also have color-coordinated labels that correspond with the seasons.

Baby Baby Baby

11 Mar

My free time in the past two months has been spent working on my sister’s baby shower. Mostly on making the invitations, but also decorations, menu planning, favors, etc. Below are the invitations I designed, along with the silly video that Adam made.

(and the baby? it’s a ridiculous Photoshopped combination of my sister’s and her husband’s facial features)

New business cards!!!

18 Sep

I finally got around to making myself some more freelance business cards. Now I just have to remember to carry them…

Super-thick 280lb white cover stock edged with bright pink enamel

Monocular Business Cards

28 May

Business card design that includes the information for all of the members of the studio, but becomes personalized when inserted into the slip cover with windows.

Synchronicity Space Poster

14 May


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