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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

25 Mar

We saw the original Cosmopolitan “just the right amount of wrong” commercial and decided to visit Vegas and stay at the hotel because it looked so awesome and edgy. It turns out that the majority of the commercial was shot on a set so we couldn’t even replicate the actual scenes… but regardless we had a blast and the hotel (from the giant digital wall art down to the Phaidon books, Jonathan Adler accents, and Piero Fornasetti wallpaper in the closet) was AMAZING!!!

Music: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Spread Your Love” and Blossom Dearie “Doop-Doo-De-Doop (A Doodlin’ Song)”

Indie Mixtape Project

16 Mar

I have been making indie mixtapes (or cds rather) for a looong time. [SIDE NOTE: I initially started this blog in ’08 to write about indie music]  Anyway, this year I decided to make a design project of the effort and “publish” monthly mixes that I send to my followers (a small group of friends and family). The recycled cardboard cases have a magnetic closure and the featured bands listed on the back. The sets also have color-coordinated labels that correspond with the seasons.

CVS = Crazy Vucking Shoppers

14 Mar

(a silly video that Adam and I made this weekend)

Just your average trip to CVS…

Music: Oh Land “We Turn It Up”

Baby Baby Baby

11 Mar

My free time in the past two months has been spent working on my sister’s baby shower. Mostly on making the invitations, but also decorations, menu planning, favors, etc. Below are the invitations I designed, along with the silly video that Adam made.

(and the baby? it’s a ridiculous Photoshopped combination of my sister’s and her husband’s facial features)

Commercial and Logo Design: GLP Designs Inc.

4 Mar

Commercial for high-end, custom furniture company GLP Designs Inc. shot in their Los Angeles factory.

I also redesigned their logo and created a mockup to show its placement on their newly-launched website.


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